Website Content


All our Website content including all texts, images, placement, mannerism are unique and true to our knowledge. It has all been put together with our dedicated efforts. Written work and conceptualization has been handled by the content section and all the images are taken from the free-stock-images section for delivering a user-friendly and straightforward website.



We are just showing those samples which we have created in the first place, thus we are legible to show them. If you have any query or confusion about your project been shown as portfolio in the Marketing wings, website, please get in touch, we will consider your request and take the most appropriate action.



We have advance terms on services such as data/ content/ graphics/ Web and Printing. We have 25%, 50% and 75% advance policy varying to the project and specifications. For more information on how it works for your specific project, get in touch. We will strive our best to solve your query.

Refund Policy


In Marketing Wings, we represent clear refund policy under which refund is not given in two situations:-

  • When an advance is given by you, and team head has operated on it, refund will not be possible as team head has given their dedicated knowledge and efforts for the project.
  • When the client after been shown the drafts, has offered modifications in the same.



Pricing for our different services are mentioned on the services section on the website. Different services such as printing, website, content, data and graphics have different regulations about pricing which are mentioned on their specific web pages. Although, if you want to negotiate in terms of pricing or want to bid your order through with more specifications, please get in touch via mail. We will get back to you shortly.

100% Data Security


We respect your privacy. All your data will be 100% safe, sound and protected in our hands. We never trade or indulge ourselves in piracy or user’s data trading service. In data services, 100% data protection of your business resources or associations will be protected and utilized for your work process only. We believe in transparency, thus exemplifying how seriously we are for our user’s protection.

Delivery & Penalty


We will not be considered delay from our part if client has delayed in giving the required information at any stage of the project. Time will be decided for each job.



Notwithstanding of anything stated anywhere on the website, Marketing Wings will not be held responsible for any kind of misunderstanding/ offence/ violation via this disclaimer.



Any kind of indiscretion on should be brought to our knowledge at the earliest, thus, we can take necessary action instantly.